P-002 Process system design (2023)

This NORSOK standard specifies requirements and guidelines for most frequently used process-, process support- and utility systems on offshore production facilities.

The 2023 edition replaces the 2014 edition of P-002.

The following main changes have been made to this document:

  • The document has been updated to reflect current industry practice and relevant international standards.
  • Methodology for line-sizing of gas and two-phase flow has been updated.
  • Issued in an enriched NISO STS xml digital format enabling machine reading of requirements.
  • As part of digitalisation of requirements, more precise wording and improved unambiguity have been implemented.

Background information, guidelines and examples have been included where relevant for new and revised sections.

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Process system design

LanguageEngelskEdition: 2.0 (2023-01-03)

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