S-Safety (SHE)

If you have comments on existing NORSOK standards, please use the comment form. Please note that standards are subject to review at least every five years.

NORSOK Standards

S-001Technical safety (Edition 4, February 2008)
S-002Working environment (Rev. 4, August 2004)
S-002NArbeidsmiljø (2018)
S-003Environmental care (2017)
S-005Machinery- working enviroment analyses and documentation (Rev.1, March 1999)
S-006HSE evaluation of contractors (Rev. 2, December 2003)
S-006NHMS-evaluering av leverandører (Rev. 2, desember 2003)
S-011Safety Equiptment Data Sheets (Rev 2, Aug. 1999)
S-012Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in construction-related activities (Rev. 2, Aug. 2002)
S-012NHelse, Miljø og Sikkerhet (HMS) ved byggerelaterte aktiviteter (Rev. 2, Aug. 2002)

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