S-002 Working environment (Rev. 4, August 2004)

This NORSOK standard applies to the design of new installations and modification or upgrading of existing installations for offshore drilling, production, and utilisation and pipeline transportation of petroleum, including accommodation units for such activities.

This NORSOK standard stipulates design requirements related to the working environment of petroleum installations as well as requirements regarding systematic management of working environment issues in project development and the design process.

The purpose of this NORSOK standard is to ensure that the design of the installation promotes the quality of the working environment during the operational phase.

Revision 4 includes the following changes:

  • Implementation of unique ID reference tag number for both existing and new requirements information. All new requirements / supplementary information is identified with revision mark.
  • Clause 4 is changed considerably in order to highlight the importance of early-qualified execution of studies/analyses for validation and verification in line with industry and authorities expectations. In addition, there are, through the clauses/annexes, several changes both in textual descriptions as well as to tabular information.
  • The following annexes in the previous revision have been voided:
    Annex D "Typical hazardous substances"
    Annex G "List of applicable acts, regulations, standards and guidelines for the Norwegian continental shelf"
  • Updating according to regular revision cycle and in view of International Standards (ISO) and European Standards (EN).
  • Capture the good practices and project user experience reported by the oil and gas industry since issue of revision 3.

The current plan is to complete the assessment of the hearing comments for the Norwegian and English versions within January 2017. The Norwegian version will be completed first and published within Q2 2017. The English version will follow 2-3 months thereafter.

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips


 Noise Data sheet - S-002 - SDS0500.xls (S-002_-_SDS05001.xls, 56 Kb)

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Working environment

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