S-002 Working environment (2018)

NORSOK S-002 has been simplified to ensure that requirements regarding working environment is fulfilled in projects. This standard was developed to ensure that the facility layout can provide a safe working environment during operation. S-002 is the most cited standard in the petroleum regulations. All parties involved in facility design and operation will thus find this document useful.

The standard was first issued in Norwegian and then translated to English.

Please note that clause 7.7.1 has a typo in the translation.Correct text is "The ventilation air should be at least 7,0 l/sec per pers. + 2,0 l*m2/sec."

Content in the standard

The standard is written for design of new build installations. It can be used for modification of existing drilling facilities, production facilities, use of and pipeline transportation of petroleum including living quarters for these activities.

The standard outlines layout requirements regarding working environment on oil and gas installation and requirements for systematic review during the design phases. Parts of the document can be used for verifications of existing facilities. NORSOK S-002 can also be used when designing onshore oil and gas facilities.

NORSOK S-002 shall be used to ensure the interphase between the facility and machineries or cranes and the working environment in equipment packages or in areas with several single unit machineries. This implies that areas around the cranes and machinery (including maintenance access, illumination, noise etc.) shall follow this NORSOK standard. This is also a requirement in and around equipment packages not defined as machinery.


The former edition of NORSOK S-002 was from 2004. The update was necessary since referred standard and the regulations has been modified.

S-002 was on systematic review in 2012 resulting in a positive vote for revision. The revision group first issued an English document for public review. A Norwegian translation was required and the public review for both versions closed in March 2016.

What is new?

The 2018 edition of S-002 refer to the latest updates within relevant national and international standards. Account has been taken of good practices and user experience reported by the oil and gas industry since the previous edition.  

The most important changes from the 2004 edition are intended to make the standard easier to use, not least for companies supplying engineering services, who may be unfamiliar with the regulations covering the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The structure of the standard

The main document defines requirements for the design process, as well as general area- and equipment-specific requirements. This can be used as input to WEALs – working environment area limits to use in the design specification.

Annex A (normative) describes working environment activities to be performed during planning, design and prior to start-up. Annex B-H (informative) describes methods for analyses.

The 2004 edition has several annexes that are completely rewritten. Normative elements are included in the main part or in Annex A.

The requirements set out in NORSOK S-005 ed.1 are included in this edition of S-002. The informative section of S-005 is presented in Annex B – Equipment packages and machinery.

The standard can be commented in our comment form.

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Working environment

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