T-101 Telecom systems (2019)

The NORSOK standards NORSOK T-001 and NORSOK T-100 have been combined to a single document, this new NORSOK T-101, to improve accessibility and remove redundancy.

This NORSOK standard is organised according to the following principles:

  • Part 1 - General telecom section covers common requirements applicable to the systems in part 2 and any additional telecommunication systems.​
  • Part 2 - System design section contain the mandatory and the most frequently used telecom systems.​
  • Part 3 - Telecom on simpler facilities covers unmanned installations.​

It is based on equipment and practices in current use but is not intended in any way to impede development of new or improved techniques. To avoid conflicts, the new standard has been aligned towards other NORSOK standards such as S-001.

The use of recognized standards is described in the PSA framework regulations and accompanying guideline. Norwegian communications authority, Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet (NKOM), monitor compliance with laws, regulations and license terms and is responsible for type approval, administration of radio frequencies and administration of authorization as some of the main tasks.​ Applicable laws and regulations can be found in bibliography.

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Telecom systems.

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