U-001 Subsea production systems (Edition 4, October 2015)

This NORSOK standard is based on the ISO 13628 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Design and operation of subsea production systems series of standards.

This NORSOK standard includes specific requirements and recommendations that are not covered by ISO 13628 series of standards.

This NORSOK standard replaces U-001 Rev. 3, October 2002.

Revision information
This edition 4 of NORSOK U-001 Subsea production systems standard replaces NORSOK U-001 Subsea production systems (Rev. 3, October 2002). This standard is based on the relevant parts of the ISO 13628 series of standards, and provides amendments to fishing gear loads, riser loads, and design of subsea wellhead and tree equipment, and templates. The basis for this NORSOK standard has been the previous version of U-001, combined with general industry experience over the last years.

The main changes are:

  • updating reference to relevant parts of the 13628 series of standard;
  • updating references;
  • updating trawl loads;
  • updating Annex A, to provide static and dynamic design riser loads for subsea wellhead connectors, subsea wellheads, and subsea templates (already covered in first paragraph below);
  •  adding Annex B, to provide recommendations for structural design, materials, fabrication and testing of subsea wellhead and tree equipment and completion/workover riser systems

Annex A, based on Joint Industry Project, see DNV GL 2014-0783 NORSOK U-001 Well System loads. Additional information for; one typical well load - bending moment- annual fatigue histogram and all sea state individual annual histograms.

Typical template loads are given in Annex A, Table A.8. Template loads for site specific conditions can be calculated by spreadsheet which is available at this link, Annex A, Table A.8 Conductor dimension and capacity and weight Rev1D 

Based upon the enquiry, many comments were given upon the completely revised riser loads in Annex A. The stakeholders from the enquiry agreed upon a verification study. This study was sponsored by Standards Norway. The verification was done as a joint effort by DNV GL, FMC, Aker Solutions, and Statoil. 

The recommendations in the verification summary report prepared by Statoil are included in the final edition of NORSOK U-001.

Update by March 2020: This standard is currently undergoing revision.

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips

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Subsea production systems

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