U-001 Subsea production systems (2021)

This NORSOK standard is based on the NS-EN ISO 13628 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Design and operation of subsea production systems series of standards. It includes specific requirements and recommendations that are not covered by NS-EN ISO 13628 series or API 17 series of standards.

This standard replaces U-001 Rev. 4, October 2015.

This edition includes the following significant changes with respect to the previous edition:

  • structure of the document has been rearranged in order to find the information more easily and for being self-contained;
  • new clause for system engineering;
  • new clause for system interfaces;
  • new clause for subsea production control system;
  • updated annex for template in-place design loads and marine riser drilling load;
  • update annex for structural design, materials, fabrication, and testing of subsea wellhead, tree equipment and completion/workover riser systems;
  • new annex for bolted flange connections;
  • new annex for materials and fabrication requirements for subsea production systems; — new annex on geotechnical aspects;
  • new annex on flow induced vibrations;
  • new annex on system design documents;
  • new annex on interface management;
  • new annex on fishing gear classes;
  • new annex on wellhead configuration and loads; and
  • new annex on recommendations for future subsea production control systems.

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Subsea production systems

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