U-102 Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services (Edition 3, January 2016)

This NORSOK standard is a consequence of an industry wide effort to make a NORSOK standard for remote operated vehicles (ROV) services.

This NORSOK standard has been produced to establish a single common standard for ROV operations. Users of this standard will typically be Companies involved in oil and gas production, and the renewable energy industry. Relevant information and requirements included in this standard may also be used for other services which have similarities to the ROVs and the way they are operated. These other services can include autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remotely operated tool (ROT), remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) and dredging machines operating with similar technology to ROVs. This edition has therefore excluded specific sections related to trenchers and AUVs.

This NORSOK standard has focus on typical requirements, deliveries and documentation expected between Companies and Contractors.

The table for definition of client’s ROV system requirements is included in Annex B. This table is based on the minimum requirements outlined in the standard for the relevant ROV classes, and shall be used as a description of the clients minimum and additional requirements and the contractors compliance to this. You can download the table in this link.

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Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services

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