Z-006 Preservation (Edition 3, August 2015)

This NORSOK standard replaces Z-006 Rev. 2, Nov. 2001.

The standard have been through a systematic review and the standard is updated to reflect today's requirements.

The standard defines the principles and methods for ensuring that equipment and systems are kept maintained in as new/as delivered condition during all preservation phases, until start-up for commissioning or initial operation.

A computerized system tool for the administration of preservation activities and requirements is only addressed in as much as confirming that system functional and reporting requirements shall be incorporated into the relevant contracts. The preservation system tool is otherwise outside the scope of this standard.

Preservation is not packing.

Any packaging shall be external to, in addition to, and not in any way incorporating preservation application.

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips

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Preservation. Edition 3, August 2015

LanguageEngelskEdition: 3 (2015-08-11)

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