Z-008 Risk based maintenance and consequence classification (Rev. 4, Desember 2017)

The purpose of this NORSOK standard is to provide requirements and guidelines for

  • establishment of technical hierarchy,
  • consequence classification of equipment,
  • how to use consequence classification in maintenance management,
  • maintenance management of technical barrier elements
  • how to use risk and reliability analysis to establish and update PM programmes,
  • how to aid decisions related to maintenance using the underlying risk analysis,
  • spare part evaluations.

This NORSOK standard is applicable for different purposes and phases such as:

  • design phase: establish initial maintenance programme as an input to manning requirements and system configuration. Selection of capital spare parts;
  • preparation for operation: development of initial maintenance programmes for implementation into maintenance management systems and selection of spare parts;
  • operational phase: updating and optimisation of existing maintenance programmes. Guidance for prioritising work orders. Lifetime extension.

As a basis for preparation and optimisation of maintenance programmes for new and in service facilities all risk elements shall be taken into account, i.e. risks related to

  • personnel,
  • environment,
  • production loss,
  • direct and indirect cost including reputation.

This NORSOK standard is meant to define level of how this shall be done and deviations shall only provide better solutions with regards to maintenance management. This NORSOK standard should also be seen in conjunction with ISO 20815.

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Risk based maintenance and consequence classification

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