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There are four Standardisation Organisations in Norway, three standards writing bodies, Standards Norway (SN), the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK) and The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom), and one sales and marketing company Standard Online AS. This website covers three of the organisations, see the menu to the left. For more information on the Nkom, please visit their homepage.

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Standards Norway is responsible for all standardisation areas except electrotechnology and tele communication. Standards Norway adopts and publishes some 1,500 new Norsk Standard (Norwegian Standards) annually. NS is adopted by Standards Norway based on national, European and International standards. Standards Norway is the Norwegian member of CEN and ISO.

The Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee is responsible for standardisation in the electotechnical area. The Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee adopts and publishes some 300 new standards annually, and is the Norwegian member of CENELEC and IEC.

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Standard Online AS is responsible for marketing and sale of standards and related products in Norway. Standard Online is owned by Standards Norway (80 %) and the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (20 %).

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The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) is responsible for post- and telecommunication standardization in Norway. Its major tasks include the co-ordination of international and European work in this area. Nkom is the Norwegian national member of ETSI and ITU.

Standards Norway, the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee and Standard Online AS are located at Mustads vei 1, at Lilleaker in the western part of Oslo, while The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) is located in Lillesand in southern Norway.


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