ISO 19902:2020

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Norwegian title: Petroleum and natural gas industries — Fixed steel offshore structures
English title: Petroleum and natural gas industries — Fixed steel offshore structures
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 2 (2020-11-12)
Supersedes: ISO 19902:2007 Alert Withdrawn
ISO 19902:2007/Amd 1:2013 Alert Withdrawn
Number of pages: 565

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This document specifies requirements and provides recommendations applicable to the following types of fixed steel offshore structures for the petroleum and natural gas industries:

? caissons, free-standing and braced;

? jackets;

? monotowers;

? towers.

In addition, it is applicable to compliant bottom founded structures, steel gravity structures, jack-ups, other bottom founded structures and other structures related to offshore structures (such as underwater oil storage tanks, bridges and connecting structures).

This document contains requirements for planning and engineering of the design, fabrication, transportation and installation of new structures as well as, if relevant, their future removal.

NOTE 1 Specific requirements for the design of fixed steel offshore structures in arctic environments are presented in ISO 19906.

NOTE 2 Requirements for topsides structures are presented in ISO 19901-3; for marine operations in, ISO 19901‑6; for structural integrity management, in ISO 19901-9 and for the site-specific assessment of jack-ups, in ISO 19905‑1.

Adopted: 2020-11-12
ICS: 75.180.10 - Utstyr for leting og utvinning