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Norwegian title: Electrical systems. Rev. 5, July 5
English title: Electrical systems. Rev. 5, July 5
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 5 (2007-07-06)
Superseded by: NORSOK E-001:2016 Check Published

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Energi og petroleum – Refererte NORSOK for HMS
Product information:

This NORSOK standard contains provisions for electrical installations at all voltages to provide safety in the design of electrical systems, selection, and use of electrical equipment for generation, storage, distribution and utilization of electrical energy for all purposes in offshore units which are being used for the purpose of exploration or exploitation of petroleum resources.

This NORSOK standard does not apply for the electrical installations in rooms used for medical purposes or in tankers.

This NORSOK standard applies to all electrical installations. The installation may be permanent, temporary, transportable or hand-held, to AC installations up to and including 35 000 V and DC installations up to and including 1 500 V.

This NORSOK standard is based on equipment and practices which are in current use, but it is not intended in any way to impede development of new or improved techniques.

Each clause in this NORSOK standard refers to the equivalent clause in the IEC 61892, Edition 1, series of standards

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips

Additional files to download: Datasheet 103, 203, 302, 402, 502, 602, 703, 802, 902, 1003, 1103, 1203

Adopted: 2007-07-06
Withdrawn: 2016-12-15
ICS: 75.180.01 - Utstyr for petroleums- og naturgassindustri generelt
913.03 - NORSOK del E - Electrical