NS-EN 872:2005

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Norwegian title: Vannundersøkelse — Bestemmelse av suspendert stoff — Metode med filtrering gjennom glassfiberfiltre
English title: Water quality — Determination of suspended solids — Method by filtration through glass fibre filters
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 2005-02 (2005-06-01)
Supersedes: NS 4733:1983 Alert Withdrawn
NS-EN 872:1996 Alert Withdrawn

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Included in: NS ICS 13.060
NS ICS 13.060.30
NS ICS 13.060-40
NS ICS 13.060-40.7
Scope: This European Standard describes a method for the determination of suspended solids in raw waters, waste waters and effluents by filtration through glass fibre filters. The lower limit of the determination is about 2 mg/l. No upper limit has been established. Water samples are not always stable which means that the content of suspended solids depends on storage time, means of transportation, pH value and other circumstances. Results obtained with unstable samples should be interpreted with caution.
Committee: SN/K 153
Adopted: 2005-06-01
ICS: 13.060.30 - Avløpsvann
13.060.60 - Undersøkelse av vannets fysiske egenskaper