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Norwegian title: Traceability of fishery products - Specification on the information to be recorded in captured fish distribution chains
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 1 (2003-02-01)

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Included in: NS ICS 65
Scope: This document specifies the information to be recorded in distribution chains in order to establish the traceability of fishery products. It specifies how fishery products traded are to be identified and the information to be generated and held on those products by each of the food businesses that physically trade them through the distribution chains. It is applicable to the distribution for human consumption of captured finfish and their products, from fishing vessels through to retailers or caterers.
Adopted: 2003-02-01
ICS: 65.150 - Fiske og fiskeoppdrett
67.120.30 - Fisk og fiskeprodukter