NS-EN 15909:2010

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Norwegian title: Gjødsel — Bestemmelse av kalsium og format i flytende kalsiumgjødsel
English title: Fertilizers — Determination of calcium and formate in calcium foliar fertilizers
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 2010-06 (2010-09-01)
Number of pages: 20

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Included in: NS ICS 65
NS ICS 65.080

This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the content of calcium and formate in calcium foliar fertilizers in the presence of calcium chloride. This is determined and calculated by individual analytical determination of the following components: - Calcium (Ca2+), - Chloride (Cl-), - Formate (HCOO-). The method is applicable to calcium foliar fertilizers with a calcium content of approximately 30 %.

Adopted: 2010-09-01
ICS: 65.080 - Gjødningsmidler