API RP 557

Standard (Kun elektronisk)
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Norwegian title: Guide to Advanced Control Systems, Second Edition
English title: Guide to Advanced Control Systems, Second Edition
Item type: Standard (Kun elektronisk)
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 2nd (2013-10-01)
Supersedes: API RP 557 (R2007) Alert Withdrawn

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Scope: This Recommended Practice (RP) addresses the implementation and ownership of advanced control systems for petroleum processing facilities. <br><br> This RP describes commonly used practices for the opportunity identification, justification, project management, implementation, and maintenance of advanced control systems. This practice is not intended to specify the use or selection of any particular technique over another, nor is intended to describe specific applications. It may be used as the basis for defining the work processes and common functions required to define, implement, and maintain advanced control systems. <br><br> The practices described in this document are applicable to all advanced control systems applications. Users who are experienced in advanced control may have developed their own equivalent practices. This document is not intended to supersede user practices that have been found to be acceptable or to require that the practices described in this document be followed if they are not appropriate to the circumstance. <br><br> Selection of a specific hardware platform, software platform, or application software is not within the scope of this RP.
Adopted: 2013-10-01
Delivered by: American Petroleum Institute