ISO/TR 21932:2013

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Norwegian title: Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works — A review of terminology
English title: Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works — A review of terminology
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 1 (2013-11-05)
Number of pages: 65

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Scope: <p>This Technical Report provides a compilation of terms and definitions of concepts related to both the construction and use of a building or civil engineering works, and the effect of such construction works on sustainability and sustainable development, as applied in the documents of ISO/TC 59/SC 17, <italic>Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works</italic>.</p><p>The terms and definitions of concepts listed in <xref ref-type="sec" rid="sec_3">Clause 3</xref> reflect standardized terminology relevant to construction works and the contribution of buildings and civil engineering works to sustainability and sustainable development.</p><p>The terms and definitions listed in <xref ref-type="sec" rid="sec_3">Clause 3</xref> include those that represent concepts that have been standardized and/or applied within SC 17, which includes a number of concepts that have been originally developed elsewhere within the ISO technical structure. A cross reference is included after each of the definitions to the specific SC 17 document in which the concept is defined, as well as to the International Standard(s) from where the definition originates, where applicable.</p><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 1</label><p><xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_A">Annex A</xref> contains information on a representative model of the methodology used in the development of some of the terminological data.</p></non-normative-note><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 2</label><p><xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_B">Annex B</xref> contains a number of examples of term designations and possible wordings of related definitions that have been discussed during the ongoing terminology work within SC 17.</p></non-normative-note><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 3</label><p><xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_C">Annex C</xref> contains a listing of terms and definitions for related concepts being applied by the CEN/TC 350 on Sustainability of Construction Works, many of which were specifically considered and elaborated within the work of the ISO/TC 59 Ad hoc Group on Terminology.</p></non-normative-note><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 4</label><p><xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_D">Annex D</xref> reproduces information from the informative <std std-id="iso:std:iso:15392:en:clause:B" type="undated">Annex B of <std-ref>ISO 15392</std-ref></std>, and provides a discussion around the terminology used by different actors involved to designate various concepts related to products of the building and construction sector.</p></non-normative-note>
Committee: SN/K 223
Adopted: 2013-11-05
ICS: 01.040.91 - Bygningsmaterialer og bygging (Ordlister)
91.040.01 - Bygninger generelt