BS PD CEN ISO/TS 12025:2015

Standard (Kun elektronisk)
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Norwegian title: Nanomaterials. Quantification of nano-object release from powders by generation of aerosols
English title: Nanomaterials. Quantification of nano-object release from powders by generation of aerosols
Item type: Standard (Kun elektronisk)
Language: Engelsk
Edition: (2015-07-31)
Supersedes: BS PD ISO/TS 12025:2012 Alert Withdrawn

NOK 4 448,00 (excl. VAT)
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Scope: BS PD CEN ISO/TS 12025:2015 provides methodology for the quantification of nano-object release from powders as a result of treatment, ranging from handling to high energy dispersion, by measuring aerosols liberated after a defined aerosolization procedure. In addition to information in terms of mass, the aerosol is characterized for particle concentrations and size distributions. This Technical Specification provides information on factors to be considered when selecting from the available methods for powder sampling and treatment procedures and specifies minimum requirements for test sample preparation, test protocol development, measuring particle release and reporting data. In order to characterize the full size range of particles generated, the measurement of nano-objects as well as agglomerates and aggregates is recommended in this Technical Specification. <br><br>This Technical Specification does not include the characterization of particle sizes within the powder. Tribological methods are excluded where direct mechanical friction is applied to grind or abrade the material. <br><br><br><b>Cross References:</b><br>ISO/TS 27687:2008<br>ISO/TS 80004-1<br>EN 15051:2006<br>EN 481:1993 <br>ISO/TR 27628:2007<br>ISO 21501-1:2009<br>ISO 21501-4:2007<br>ISO 13320:2009<br>ISO 27891<br>ISO 15900:2009<br>ISO 15901-1:2005<br>ISO/TS 80004-4:2011<br>ISO/TR 13121:2011<br>ISO/TR 22971:2005<br>ISO 14488:2007<br><br><br><b>Incorporates the following:</b><br>Corrigendum, July 2015
Adopted: 2015-07-31
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