NORSOK R-001:2017

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Norwegian title: Mechanical equipment
English title: Mechanical equipment
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 4 (2017-01-01)
Supersedes: NORSOK R-001 Alert Withdrawn
Number of pages: 40

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Referanser til PTIL-refererte NORSOK-standarder
Product information:

NORSOK R-001 describes technical requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembling, product inspection, and installation and testing of mechanical equipment, except lifting equipment. The requirements in this standard and the relevant data sheets of annex A covers the mechanical requirements of the following equipment categories: pumps, compressors, gas turbines, reciprocating combustion engines, transmissions, expanders, steam turbines, lubrication and seal oil systems, base plates, centrifuges, cyclones, pressure retaining equipment (incl. heat exchangers, etc.), atmospheric tanks, electric motors, and generators.

Changes from previous edition
This standard replaces R-001, rev. 3, November 1997. The standard has been considerable updated on most parts due to the long period since last update. This is also related to updates on relevant standards and EC directives. Completely new clauses added are e.g. exhaust systems and WHRU’s, and electrical motors and generators.

The mechanical datasheets have not been subject for revision. 

Files to download
R-001 Data Sheets (link to zip files)

Additional reqirements: ConocoPhillip

Committee: SN/K 114/EG R
Adopted: 2017-01-01
ICS: 75.180.20 - Bearbeidingsutstyr
913.12 - NORSOK del R - Lifting Equipment/Mechanical