NORSOK S-003:2017

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Norwegian title: Environmental care. Edition 4 2017
English title: Environmental care. Edition 4 2017
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 4 (2017-10-31)
Supersedes: NORSOK S-003 Alert Withdrawn
Number of pages: 48

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Included in: NORSOK komplett
Energi og petroleum: Drilling - Andre NORSOK
Product information: The 2017 edition of this NORSOK standard is a complete revision of the previous edition. The main purpose of the revision has been to make the standard easier to use. This Document applies to the design and modification of installations for offshore drilling and production of petroleum, including pipelines. The requirements in this standard are primarily defined for new designs. Therefore, for modification projects the relevance and applicability of the different requirements should be reviewed in context with the scope of each project. The objective of this NORSOK standard is to achieve implementation of technology that minimizes adverse impacts on the environment. The most cost effective technical and/or operational solutions should be sought, based on the principle of BAT and life cycle cost analyses. The main document is organized in two main parts: Clause 4 includes general methodology principals on how to manage environmental aspects during design or modification, and Clauses 5 to 11 stipulate specific technical requirements. This new revision puts an increased focus on Best Available Techniques and on Barrier Management. Therefore, Clause 4 on general principles was entirely revised and now includes guidance on those two topics. Two new sections were introduced: Clause 5 on energy management, and Clause 8 on monitoring and control. Clause 10 on spill prevention and barriers has been entirely revised and expanded. Causes 6 to Clause 11 have been revised and clarified. All annexes have been entirely revised. Most relevant requirements for drilling units (formerly Annex C) were transferred to the relevant Clauses (5 to 11), and the remaining requirements were removed. Annex A now provides key definitions for barriers, and an overview of typical spill scenarios and associated barriers in a table format. The following Annexes in the previous revision have been voided: Annex A (Informative) Best available technique (BAT) determining factors (Now included in main document subclause 4.4). Annex B (Informative) Environmental budget (Now partially included in subclause 4.3). Annex C (Informative) Environmental requirements for drilling rigs (Now partially included in clauses 5 to 10. Annex D (Informative) Summary of analytical tools (Now completely removed). This Document is published without marking of changes, compared to Rev. 3, as the modifications are comprehensive.
Committee: SN/K 114/EG S
Adopted: 2017-10-31
ICS: 75.180.01 - Utstyr for petroleums- og naturgassindustri generelt
913.13 - NORSOK del S - Safety (SHE)