NORSOK S-002N:2018

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Status: Alert Withdrawn
Norwegian title: Arbeidsmiljø
English title: Working environment
Item type: Standard
Language: Norsk
Edition: 5 (2018-03-19)
Supersedes: NORSOK S-002N:2004 Alert Withdrawn
NORSOK S-005N:1999 Alert Withdrawn
Superseded by: NORSOK S-002N:2018+AC:2018 Alert Withdrawn
NORSOK S-002 N:2018+AC:2018 Check Published
Number of pages: 112

NOK 1 790,00 (excl. VAT)
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Included in: NORSOK komplett
Scope: This document describes a method for determination of sorption of graded thermally treated and densified biomass fuels such as classified in ISO/TS 17225-8. Apart from pelletized materials as described in ISO/TS 17225-8, the method can also be applied to non-compressed or non-densified thermally treated biomass as specified in ISO 17225-1 Table 14 and Table 15.
Committee: SN/K 114/EG S
Adopted: 2018-03-19
Withdrawn: 2018-06-25
ICS: 913 - NORSOK Standarder - Alle deler
913.13 - NORSOK del S - Safety (SHE)
75.180.01 - Utstyr for petroleums- og naturgassindustri generelt