IEC TR 61131-4:1995

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Norwegian title: Programmable controllers - Part 4: User guidelines
English title: Programmable controllers - Part 4: User guidelines
Item type: Standard
Language: en/fr
Edition: 1.0 (1995-03-22)
Superseded by: IEC TR 61131-4:2004 Check Published
Number of pages: 119

NOK 3 736,00 (excl. VAT)
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Scope: Provides guidelines that address the application of the programmable controllers (PC) and associated peripherals. It also deals with the integration of PCs into the automated system. Provides information that assists the user in: -utilizing the other parts of the programmable controller standard; -specifying the requirements for PC applications; -selecting and implementing PC systems. The following topics are covered: -references to pertinent information in other parts of the programmable controller standard. This information is useful in obtaining a better understanding of the environment and application of the PC; -description of supplemental information, helpful in making use of other parts of this standard; -system level functional analysis of the user's process; -specification of a programmable controller system; -programmable controller installation, commissioning and maintenance. This publication has the status of a technical report - type 3.
Adopted: 1995-03-22
Withdrawn: 2004-07-26
ICS: 25.040.40 - Industriell prosessmåling og -kontroll
35.240.50 - Anvendelser av IT i industri