NS-EN ISO 26825:2022

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Norwegian title: Anestesi- og respirasjonsutstyr — Brukerpåførte etiketter for sprøyter som inneholder legemidler til bruk ved anestesi — Farger, utforming og ytelse (ISO 26825:2020)
English title: Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment — User-applied labels for syringes containing drugs used during anaesthesia — Colours, design and performance (ISO 26825:2020)
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 2022-02 (2022-02-18)
Number of pages: 24

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Included in: NS ICS 11
NS ICS 11.040
NS ICS 11.040.10
NS ICS 11.040.25
NS og NS-EN komplett (eks NS-EN ISO)
Scope: This document determines the fuel quality classes and specifications of graded non-woody briquettes. This document covers only non-woody briquettes produced from the following raw materials (see ISO 17225‑1:2021, Table 1): —    2 Herbaceous biomass —    3 Fruit biomass —    4 Aquatic biomass —    5 Biomass blends and mixtures NOTE 1    Herbaceous biomass originates from plants that have a non-woody stem and which die back at the end of the growing season. It includes grains or seeds crops from food production or processing industry and their by-products such as cereals. NOTE 2    Blends and mixtures include blends and mixtures from the main origin-based solid biofuel groups woody biomass, herbaceous biomass, fruit biomass and aquatic biomass. Blends are intentionally mixed biofuels, whereas mixtures are unintentionally mixed biofuels. The origin of the blend and mixture is to be described using ISO 17225‑1:2021, Table 1. If solid biofuel blend or mixture contains chemically treated material it shall be stated. NOTE 3              Thermally treated biomass briquettes (e.g. torrefied briquettes) are not included in the scope of this document
Adopted: 2022-02-18
ICS: 11.040.10 - Anestesi, åndedretts- og gjenopplivingsutstyr
11.040.25 - Sprøyter, nåler og katetre