CEN/TS 15291:2006

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Norwegian title: Identitetskortsystemer - Retningslinjer for utforming for tilgjengelig kort-aktivert utstyr
English title: Identification card system - Guidance on design for accessible card-activated devices
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 1 (2006-01-01)
Number of pages: 60

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Included in: NS ICS 35
Scope: This document provides guidance for the design and location of card-activated devices and the immediate environment, to facilitate access for the widest possible range of users (all / most members of the community), subject to conditions of adequate privacy and security.
The contents of this document are generically based, not sector specific, and cover "card-activated device" (CAD), the generic term used in this document to encompass:
a) card-activated terminals (device with card reader and other components such as keyboard and displays);
b) standalone card readers (access control for building, public transport);
c) hand held devices (e.g. mobile phone when used to access other card-activated devices).
Card-activated devices may be used either by pedestrians or car drivers.
This document may also be applied to devices that are not card-activated, e.g. they may be activated by notes, coins, tickets, tokens, touch or other interaction with the user.
(Context of use includes: unattended, public and home use, handheld).
This document addresses the card-activated device and its immediate vicinity. It does not address the entire building / locality in which the card-activated device is located. (The reader is referred to appropriate ISO, CEN and national standards for guidance on designing accessible built environments. It should be noted that national legislation, standards and guidance have different requirements).
The term "wheelchair" in this document refers to manually propelled wheelchairs, not power driven ones, which are often of different dimensions in relation to manually propelled wheelchairs.
Committee: SN/K 188
Adopted: 2006-01-01
ICS: 35.240.15 - Identifikasjonskort og tilhørende utstyr