NEK EN 50174-1:2009

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Norwegian title: Informasjonsteknologi - Installasjon av kabling -- Del 1: Spesifikasjon av installasjoner og kvalitetssikring
English title: Information technology - Cabling installation -- Part 1: Installation specification and quality assurance
Item type: Standard
Language: Norsk
Edition: 2.0 (2009-11-09)
Superseded by: NEK EN 50174-1:2018 Check Published
Number of pages: 52

NOK 780,00 (excl. VAT)
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Scope: This European Standard specifies requirements for the following aspects of information technology cabling: a) installation specification, quality assurance documentation and procedures;b) documentation and administration;c) operation and maintenance.This European Standard is applicable to all types of information technology cabling including generic cabling systems designed in accordance with the EN 50173 series of standards.Safety (electrical safety and protection, optical power, fire, etc.) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this European Standard and are covered by other standards and regulations. However, information given in this European Standard may be of assistance in meeting these standards and regulations.
Committee: NEK/NK25/205/215
Adopted: 2009-11-09
Withdrawn: 2021-05-21
ICS: 35.110 - Nettverksarbeid