NS 3510.E:2006

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Norwegian title: Sikkerhetsglass i bygg - Krav til klasser i ulike bruksområder
English title: Safety glass in buildings - Requirements to classes in different application areas
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 1 (2006-09-01)
Superseded by: NS 3510:2015 Check Published
Number of pages: 24

NOK 652,00 (excl. VAT)
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Included in: NS og NS-EN komplett (eks NS-EN ISO)
Scope: This standard covers the use of glass panes for typical application areas for glass in building, specifies measures against threats, and specifies the necessary resistance or properties to avoid unacceptable consequences of any breakage. Special requirements apply to glass in building that is used in connection with lifts in buildings. These requirements are stipulated pursuant to the Lift Directive (95/16 EU) in NS-EN 81-1 and NS-EN 81-2, and they have not been included in this standard.
Committee: SN/K 228
Adopted: 2006-09-01
Withdrawn: 2015-11-01
ICS: 81.040.20 - Bygningsglass