S-001 Technical safety (2018)

NORSOK S-001:2018 Technical safety was on systematic review in 2014 and on public review in 2017. The revised standard was approved and published in June 2018.

Content in the standard
This NORSOK standard describes the principles and requirements for the development of the physical safety design, i.e. technical safety, of offshore installations for production of oil and gas. Where applicable, this NORSOK standard may also be used for mobile offshore drilling units. The structure of this document makes it easier to fulfil technical safety requirements.

This NORSOK standard, together with ISO 13702, defines the required standard to establish and maintain an adequate level of safety for personnel, environment and material assets.

This NORSOK standard is organised according to principles given in clause 5. Each following clause of this NORSOK standard describes requirements for the individual safety barriers/-systems, and represents a generic performance standard for the different safety barriers. The following elements have been addressed for each safety barrier/-system:

  • Role gives a short description of the main safety roles of the specific safety systems and barriers.
  • Interfaces lists typical interfaces with other safety systems and barriers;
  • Required utilities describes typical utilities required for the safety system and barriers to fulfil its role.
  • Functional requirements specify the performance required for the safety system and barriers to fulfil its role.
  • Survivability requirements defines requirements for the safety systems and barriers to function in or after a design accidental event.

The standard also contains informative safety equipment datasheets, formerly part of NORSOK S-011, which can be downloaded from annex C. A fire protection datasheet is available in annex B.

Comments to the document can be given in our comments form.

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips

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Technical safety. Edition 5, June 2018

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