NEK ISO/IEC 27036-2:2022

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Norsk tittel: Cybersecurity - Supplier relationships - Part 2: Requirements
Engelsk tittel: Cybersecurity - Supplier relationships - Part 2: Requirements
Varetype: Standard
Språk: Engelsk
Utgave: 2.0 (2022-06-15)
Erstatter: NEK ISO/IEC 27036-2:2014 Alert Tilbaketrukket
Antall sider: 52

NOK 1 996,00 (eks. mva)
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Omfang: ISO/IEC 27036-2:2022 This document specifies fundamental information security requirements for defining, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving supplier and acquirer relationships.
These requirements cover any procurement and supply of products and services, such as manufacturing or assembly, business process procurement, software and hardware components, knowledge process procurement, build-operate-transfer and cloud computing services.
This document is applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and nature.
To meet the requirements, it is expected that an organization has internally implemented a number of foundational processes or is actively planning to do so. These processes include, but are not limited to: business management, risk management, operational and human resources management, and information security.
Fastsatt: 2022-06-15
ICS: 35.030 - IT-sikkerhet