NS-EN 16252:2012

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Norsk tittel: Maskiner for komprimering av avfall eller resirkulerbare materialer - Horisontale ballepresser - Sikkerhetskrav
Engelsk tittel: Machines for compacting waste materials or recyclable fractions - Horizontal baling presses - Safety requirements
Varetype: Standard
Språk: Engelsk
Utgave: 1 (2013-03-01)
Antall sider: 44

NOK 621,00 (eks. mva)
NOK 776,25 (ink. mva)

Inkludert i: NS ICS 13.030
NS ICS 25.120
NS ICS 13.030.40
NS ICS 25.120.10
Omfang: This European Standard specifies the safety requirements for the design, manufacture and information for safe use of horizontal baling presses for compacting waste material or recyclable fractions (e.g. paper, plastics, textiles, cans, cardboard, mixed waste), hereafter referred to as materials. It covers only machines fed by conveyors or by feed hoppers where the bales are bound manually or automatically. The feed hoppers covered by this European Standard are only fed mechanically or by hand. The scope of this European Standard includes any mechanical feed equipment, such as belt type loading and feed conveyors or bin lifts, forming an integral part of the baling press assembly. However, pneumatic conveying systems are outside the scope of this European Standard. This European Standard does not apply to cranes, lift trucks or other mobile plant used to load materials into the feed hopper. Nor does it apply to hazards arising from loading the feed hopper using cranes, lift trucks or other mobile plant. This European Standard does not apply to pre-conditioning equipment connected at the inlet side of the feed hopper (e.g. sorter, shredder, stand-alone perforator) nor to equipment at the outlet side of the baling press. This European Standard does not deal with suction and de-dusting mechanisms. This European Standard does not apply to hazards arising from the materials being processed (e.g. asbestos, clinical waste, aerosol containers). This European Standard does not cover risks arising from installation of the baling press in places accessible to the public. All hazards mentioned in Clause 4 are dealt with in this European Standard. This European Standard is not applicable for horizontal baling presses which are manufactured before the date of its publication as an EN.
Fastsatt: 2013-03-01
ICS: 13.030.40 - Installasjoner og utstyr for avfallsdeponering og behandling
25.120.10 - Smiutstyr. Presser. Metallsakser