ISO 13033:2013

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Norsk tittel: Bases for design of structures — Loads, forces and other actions — Seismic actions on nonstructural components for building applications
Engelsk tittel: Bases for design of structures — Loads, forces and other actions — Seismic actions on nonstructural components for building applications
Varetype: Standard
Språk: Engelsk
Utgave: 1 (2013-07-29)
Antall sider: 43

NOK 2 299,00 (eks. mva)
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Omfang: <sec id="sec_1.1"><label>1.1</label><title>General</title><p>This International Standard establishes the means to derive seismic actions on nonstructural components and systems (NSCS) supported by or attached to new or existing buildings. It also provides procedures for the verification of NSCS seismic capacities. NSCS include architectural elements, mechanical and electrical systems, and building contents.</p><p>This International Standard is not a legally binding and enforceable code. It is a source document that is utilized in the development of codes of practice by the competent authority responsible for issuing structural design regulations. This International Standard is intended for application by regional and national standards committees when preparing standards for the seismic performance of NSCS.</p><p>This International Standard does not specifically cover industrial facilities, including nuclear power plants, since these are dealt with separately in other International Standards. However, the principles in this International Standard can be appropriate for the derivation of seismic actions for NSCS in such facilities.</p><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 1</label><p>This International Standard has been prepared mainly for NSCS associated with engineered buildings. The principles are, however, applicable to non-engineered buildings.</p></non-normative-note><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 2</label><p>Procedures for the verification of the supporting building structure for gravity and seismic actions applied by the NSCS are outside the scope of this International Standard and are provided in <std std-id="iso:std:iso:3010:en" type="undated"><std-ref>ISO 3010</std-ref></std>.</p></non-normative-note></sec><sec id="sec_1.2"><label>1.2</label><title>Relationship with <std std-id="iso:std:iso:3010:en" type="undated"><std-ref>ISO 3010</std-ref></std></title><p>This International Standard is a companion document to <std std-id="iso:std:iso:3010:en" type="undated"><std-ref>ISO 3010</std-ref></std>, <italic>Basis for design of structures — Seismic actions on structures</italic>. <std std-id="iso:std:iso:3010:en" type="undated"><std-ref>ISO 3010</std-ref></std> and its annexes provide basic seismic design criteria to be used in the design of structures but they do not provide design criteria for NSCS (except for those that can influence the structural response). For consistency, the terms and definitions that are in common with <std std-id="iso:std:iso:3010:en" type="undated"><std-ref>ISO 3010</std-ref></std> are also used in this International Standard.</p><p>The same ground motion criteria specified in <std std-id="iso:std:iso:3010:en" type="undated"><std-ref>ISO 3010</std-ref></std> are also used in this International Standard. The demand on NSCS is directly related to the response of the building in which they are located. Therefore, the procedures used to determine the design ground motion and building seismic response are directly referenced by this International Standard.</p></sec><sec id="sec_1.3"><label>1.3</label><title>Components requiring evaluation</title><p>Evaluation of NSCS for seismic actions is required where any of the following apply:</p><list list-type="alpha-lower"><list-item><label>a)</label><p>the NSCS poses a falling hazard;</p></list-item><list-item><label>b)</label><p>the failure of the NSCS can impede the evacuation of the building;</p></list-item><list-item><label>c)</label><p>the NSCS contains hazardous materials;</p></list-item><list-item><label>d)</label><p>the NSCS is necessary to the continuing function of essential facilities after the event; and</p></list-item><list-item><label>e)</label><p>damage to the NSCS represents a significant financial loss.</p></list-item></list><p>Guidance for identification of NSCS that require seismic evaluation is provided in <xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_A">Annex A</xref>.</p><non-normative-note><label>NOTE</label><p>Pre-assembled modular mechanical and electrical units (e.g. heating and cooling modules) may be treated as an assembly of components supported by the modular unit housing structure (see <xref ref-type="sec" rid="sec_9.5">9.5</xref>).</p></non-normative-note></sec><sec id="sec_1.4"><label>1.4</label><title>Components excluded</title><p>The requirements of this International Standard are not intended for application to furnishings, or temporary or relocatable components (see <xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_A">Annex A</xref>).</p><p>With the exception of parapets (as described in <xref ref-type="app" rid="sec_A">Annex A</xref>), application of this International Standard to components in buildings subject to low levels of seismic hazard may not be warranted.</p></sec>
Komité: SN/K 348
Fastsatt: 2013-07-29
ICS: 91.080.01 - Bygningskonstruksjoner generelt
91.120.25 - Beskyttelse mot vibrasjon og jordskjelv