NEK EN 50600-1:2012

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Status: Check Gyldig
Norsk tittel: Informasjonsteknologi - Anlegg og infrastruktur i datasentre - Del 1: Generelle konsepter
Engelsk tittel: Information technology - Data centre facilities and infrastructures -- Part 1: General concepts
Varetype: Standard
Språk: Engelsk
Utgave: 1 (2013-01-01)
Erstattes av: NEK EN 50600-1:2019 Check Gyldig
Antall sider: 32

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Omfang: This European Standard:a) details the issues to be addressed in a business risk and operating cost analysis enabling application of an appropriate classification of the data centre,b) defines the common aspects of data centres including terminology, parameters and reference models (functional elements and their accommodation) addressing both the size and complexity of their intended purpose,c) describes general aspects of the facilities and infrastructures required to support effective operation of telecommunications within data centres,d) specifies a classification system, based upon the key criteria of “availability”, “security” and “energy-efficiency” over the planned lifetime of the data centre, for the provision of effective facilities and infrastructure,e) describes the general design principles for data centres upon which the requirements of the EN 50600 series are based including symbols, labels, coding in drawings, quality assurance and education,The following topics are outside of the scope of this series of European Standards:1) the selection of information technology and network telecommunications equipment, software and associated configuration issues are outside the scope of this European Standard;2) safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements (covered by other standards and regulations. However, information given in this European Standard may be of assistance in meeting these standards and regulations).1.2 ConformanceFor a data centre design to conform to this European Standard:a) a business risk analysis according to Clause 4 shall be done,b) an appropriate Availability Class in 6.2 shall be selected using a business risk analysis in Clause 4,c) an appropriate Protection Class in 6.3 shall be selected using a business risk analysis in Clause 4,d) an appropriate energy efficiency enablement level in 6.4 shall be selected,e) the general design principles in Annex A shall be applied.
Komité: NEK/NK25/205/215
Fastsatt: 2013-01-01