Nye prosjekter på nye områder

Denne listen gir en oversikt over nye standardiseringsprosjekter innenfor nye områder, dvs områder der det ikke har vært standardiseringsaktiviteter tidligere. I tittelfeltet er det gitt en lenke til prosjektforslaget. Prosjektleder vil kunne gi ytterligere informasjon om status på prosjektet.

I tittelfeltet er det gitt en lenke til prosjektforslaget. Prosjektleder vil kunne gi ytterligere informasjon om status på de ulike prosjektene.

(Oversikten er oppdatert per april 2019.)

Forslag mottatt Tittel Opprinnelse Prosjektleder
April 2019 CWA on the semantic and syntactical interoperability for crisis and disaster management CEN Lars Erik Jensen
April 2019 CWA on Monsoon – predictive management of data industrial processes CEN Anne Kristoffersen
April 2019 Human Phenome ISO Marit Nygren
April 2019 Microbiology in the food chain CEN Hilde Aarefjord
Mars 2019 Development of a GALILEO enabled label 
CEN Anne Kristoffersen
Mars 2019 Circular economy in the construction sector CEN Marianne Werner
Mars 2019 IWA on Technical guidelines for the development of small hydropower plants – general terms and definitions; and design ISO Javad Sunde Fahadi
Februar 2019 IWA on Competence for Standards Professionals: in Companies (part1) and in Standards-Specialty Organizations (part2) ISO Anne Kristoffersen
Februar 2019 Bionic Aircraft - ALM technology and bionic design CEN Anne Kristoffersen
Desember 2018 Regulated chemicals in products CEN Rolf Duus
November 2018 CWA International Human Account Network CEN Anne Kristoffersen
November 2018 CWA Guideline to design, implement and economically assess an innovatible and adaptable envelope system in building refurbishment CEN Anne Kristoffersen
Oktober 2018 Public Procurement CEN Jens Gran
August 2018 Sharing economy ISO Marianne Werner
August 2018 Workshop on quality framwerok for internship CEN Marit Kveine Nygren
August 2018 Food Authencity CEN Marianne Werner
Juni 2018 Sustainable finance ISO  Hege Thorkildsen
Juni 2018 Circular economy ISO Rolf Duus
Mars 2018 Transaction in e-commerce ISO Kari Borgos
Mars 2018 Glass clarity ISO Marianne Werner
Februar 2018

Guidelines on Integrating a Business Excellence Framework with ISO management system standards

ISO Marianne Werner
Februar 2018 Karst ISO Merete Murvold
Februar 2018 Musical instruments ISO Iiris Turunen-Rindel
Februar 2018 CWA Hotel managers CEN Tom Høseggen
Januar 2018 CWA Industrial symbiosis CEN Jens Gran
Desember 2017 Occupational health and safety management ISO Guri Kjørven
November 2017 Naturophati CEN Marit Kveine Nygren
November 2017 Community scale resource oriented sanitation treatment systems ISO Hilde Aarefjord
Oktober 2017 Water efficient products - Banding ISO Hilde Aarefjord
September 2017 Consumer protection: Privacy by design for consumer goods and services ISO Knut Lindelien
September 2017 Stirring and mixing industrial equipment CEN Tom Erik Larsen
September 2017 Indirect temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery service. Land transport of parcels with intermediate transfer ISO Lars Erik Jensen / Oliver Husøy
August 2017 Ageing society ISO Martine Drevvatne
Juli 2017 Packaging machinery ISO Jens Gran
Juni 2017 Social responsibility ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Juni 2017 Assessment of green financial projects ISO Knut Jonassen
Juni 2017 Excellence in service ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Juni 2017 Preservation of Digital Cinema Movies CEN Knut Lindelien
April 2017 Online gambling services CEN Knut Lindelien
Mars 2017 Space systems -- Satellite-based service for a snowplow support system ISO Kari Borgos
Mars 2017 Cybersecurity and data protection CEN Knut Lindelien / Lars Erik Jensen
Mars 2017 International workshop on sanitation treatment systems ISO Hilde Aarefjord
Februar 2017 CEN Workshop on Terminologies in crisis and disaster management CEN Lars Erik Jensen
Februar 2017 Vulnerable consumers ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Januar 2017 Plant biostimulants and agricultural microorganisms CEN Knut Jonassen
Januar 2017 Guidelines on Integrating a Business Exellence Framework with ISO management system standard ISO Erik Winther / Inger Jakobsen
Desember 2016 Nutritional Supplements compatible with doping prevention CEN Hilde Aarefjord
Desember 2016 International Worksop on the Sharing Economy ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Desember 2016 Gold ISO Jens Gran
November 2016 Weighing instruments CEN  Jens Gran
Oktober 2016 Medical plants ISO Hanne G. Wells
August 2016 Exhibitions, events and conventions ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Juli 2016 Remanufacturing Technology ISO Jens Gran
Juli 2016 Wheeled child conveyances ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Juni 2016 Assistance dog & guide dog teams standards and instructors competences CEN Hilde Aarefjord
Juni 2016  CEN workshop on methodology for improving the resource efficiency of energy intensive industrial processes CEN Jens Gran
Mai 2016 Organization governance ISO Hege Thorkildsen
Mai 2016 Pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery ISO Jens Gran
Mai 2016 Chain of custody - Transparency and traceability - Generic requirements for supply chain actors ISO Hilde Aarefjord / Rolf Duus
April 2016 International workshop on drip irrigation ISO Hilde Aarefjord
April 2016 Blockchain and electronic distributed ledger technologies ISO Kari S. Borgos
April 2016 Geothermal and water boreholes ISO Jens Gran
Februar 2016 Safety Management of complex Technical Systems ISO Jens Gran
Februar 2016 Natural bitumen - Specification and test methods ISO Javad Sunde Fahadi
Februar 2016 Urban pedestrian bridge (footbridge) assemblies - location  ISO Lars Aasness
Januar 2016 Assistance dog & guide dog teams CEN Hilde Aarefjord
Januar 2016 Sustainable non-sewered sanitation system ISO Hilde Aarefjord
Januar 2016 Minimum requirements of patient involvement in person centered care CEN  


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